Open Kitchen And Living Room Ideas

Kitchen interior design is a topic that carries a lot of weight in the Indian home interiors industry. For starters, we’ve been swept up in a wave of modular kitchens that have quickly become a must-have for most urban households. Second, kitchens take up a significant portion of most homeowners’ interior design budgets.

With the introduction of the modular kitchen, the notion of open kitchen interior design has gained popularity. While open kitchens are not natural in Indian homes, desi Millenials who have travelled the world enjoy them. Some of the obvious benefits of open kitchens, such as visibility and accessibility, have persuaded them.

Are you debating whether or not to go with an open kitchen design in your home? Then you’ll want to check out our hand-picked list of the best open kitchens. Remove wall between kitchen and living room before and after.

The big fat Indian kitchen

Extra storage, counter space, and everything else are available.

An open island kitchen is the most excellent option when you have a lot of areas to work with. Choose a vibrant pop colour to keep things exciting since it will be visible from the living room.

A kitchen that fits via a doorway

If you look closely, you’ll discover that this kitchen is located within a corridor. For this type of open kitchen, parallel layouts are great. Also, because the kitchen is not directly visible from the living room, there is some privacy.

Easy-to-maintain open kitchen

With induction and charging stations, the island counter is handy.

Upkeep is one of the most important considerations when choosing a kitchen interior design. It will take a lot of effort to keep light colours looking good. So, for a low-key kitchen, why not go with easy-to-maintain colours like greys and wooden tones?

As cosy as it gets

For busy bees, there’s a breakfast counter.

Open kitchens naturally lend themselves to breakfast counters. And, rather than an extravagant dining place, a nice cosy one like this is ideal for busy working couples.

Keeping with continuity

Within one kitchen and living room, there are so many neutrals.

In an open plan, the kitchen interior design will be seen in connection with the living room. As a result, you must coordinate the kitchen’s and living room’s essential aesthetics. For example, we detect light wooden tones throughout, indicating that this is a well-designed unit.

A kitchen for hosts

Open kitchen and living room make it easier to serve meals.

What is it about this open kitchen that makes it so appealing? The dining area appears to be an extension of the kitchen, making this the most incredible country style kitchen for entertaining dinner guests.

Extra shelf space

I adore the warmth of the wooden accents in this space.

Not only is there a breakfast counter in this open kitchen, but there is also some much-needed storage space!

The faux partition

This kitchen has a bar-like feel thanks to the glass dividers.

We fear in Indian kitchens that our tadkas would arrive at the dinner table before the food! However, clear glass dividers such as these can help to prevent this to some extent.

Open kitchen for compact homes

Compact places appear more prominent when they are laid out openly.

When you have a small living space like this one, an open kitchen opens up space and makes it appear larger. The contrasting patterns in the living room and kitchen backsplash are also worth noting.

Of Jaalis and more

Jaali dividers are a great way to give open kitchens some privacy without completely sealing them off. They do, however, limit visibility and do not protect against odours or smoke.

The quintessential red kitchen

An open kitchen with a glossy acrylic finish looks fantastic.

Red kitchens are trendy in Indian houses. The fact that red is a Vastu-friendly colour for kitchens may have anything to do with it. It’s difficult to go wrong with a bright red kitchen like this one with an open layout.


The screen separates the living room from the kitchen’s dining area.

Notice how the barrier isn’t between the kitchen and the living room, but between the kitchen and living room the remainder of the living room? Because serving food becomes so much easier in such open kitchens, they score well on accessibility.

The kitchen corner

When you’re cooking alone, this is ideal.

In-studio apartments, a small kitchenette can be set up in as little as a corner. It’s better to leave such corner kitchens open.